What is iQuipment's architecture?

The bridge between the Windows application that you developed and Apple iOS devices. NO need to write any Apple iOS code.

The major components

The three major players in the iQuipment package are your custom Windows application, the iQuipment app for Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and a PC agent (Windows application) which connects the two.

Design overview

The iQuipment software package consists of the following components:

1.    iQuipment : An iPhone (or other iOS devices) app (1, above) to receive XML data from your PC and construct a native iPhone view (UI) or a set of views. For the definition of an iPhone view, go to FAQ, "What is the key of Apple iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch) UI concept?" for details.

2.    iQuipment PC: A Windows application (2, above) that resides on your PC server and acts as the agent for accepting the http / https request from the iPhone and forwarding that request to your custom Windows program. iQuipment PC also lets you configure numerous iPhone views and deliver them to the iQuipment iPhone app. Because the iPhone UI is actually designed on the Windows side, you do not write any Apple iOS code.

3.    INFOMATO.WCF.dll: A library (3, above) to be included in your custom Windows program. This library enables iQupment PC (the agent) to get and/or set values for the variables that you have exposed in your custom Windows program.

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